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Jul 23 2019

Shoe Order

As a competitive marching band, the students are required to wear marching band shoes to all field show competitions, home football games, and any other events they perform in their uniforms.  (Color guard has their own uniform and will receive separate instructions from their coach.)
All marching band students are required to purchase Speedsters by Drillmaster (in black) and are separate from the $85 uniform contribution.  If purchasing the shoes individually, the cost can range from $40+ to $50+ each depending on which retailer you choose.  The shoes themselves are inexpensive but the shipping is what drives the price up.  However, if we do a group order, the more shoes in our order brings the price down (1 shoe order $51.76, 10 shoe order approx. $29.50 each, 15 shoe order approx. $28.10 each).

Since marching band shoes will be required for the first home football game on August 23rd, we will be placing an order on Friday, July 19th.  If you would like to be included in this order, please email me with your child’s name and shoe size.  You will be emailed separately with the final payment amount and the payment will be due Monday, August 22nd.
As always, please let me know if you have any questions about anything!